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We help companies build dynamic teams made up of top global talent. Using our network of passionate professionals we drive innovation and deliver incredible outcomes. Talented, diverse teams shape the best products and experiences. We’ll bring those teams to you.

Meet the directors

  • Profile shot of Nikita Marks, wearing a tealed coloured top and taken with a blurred backdrop of a tree.
  • Nikita Marks
  • Founder & CEO
Nikita Marks
“It always amazes me how much talent there is in every corner of the globe.”
  • Profile shot of Christian Duncan, wearing a white t-shirt and black collared jacket, alongside a pair of material coloured glasses.
  • Cristian Duncan
  • Co-founder & COO
Cristian Duncan
“Distributed teams required unique processes. You need to approach work in a new way.”
  • Profile shot of Cruz Hamer, wearing a blue shirt under a white round neck top, with a blurred backdrop of his kitchen.
  • Cruz Hamer
  • Co-founder & CTO
Cruz Hamer
“Technology is at the forefront of enabling distributed teams. That's where we come in.”
  • Profile shot of Drake Heaton, wearing a dark brown and red shirt, taken with his front body embedded inside the front of a hedge.
  • Drake Heaton
  • Business Development Lead
Drake Heaton
“Hiring similar people from similar backgrounds is a surefire way to stunt innovation.”
  • Profile shot of Griffin Wise, wearing a black round neck top and taken in front of a plain white wall.
  • Griffin Wise
  • Lead Marketing
Griffin Wise
“Unique perspectives shape unique products, which is what you need to survive these days.”
  • Profile shot of Aden Allan, wearing a bright blue top while carrying a dark blue and white spotted rucksack. The shot was taken with a blurred backdrop of a block of council flats.
  • Aden Allan
  • Head of Talent
Aden Allan
“Empowered teams create truly amazing products. Set the north star and let them follow it.”

Some of our clients

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